Question on Rittles Snake tan kit

Submitted by Perry on 8/26/99. ( )

I recently sold a Rittle's Snake tanning kit to a customer who
was concerned because the instructions listed a step for removing
the scales. He does not want to do that. Since I only know
enough about tanning to be dangerous, I need to make sure that
he can skip the scale removal step. Is that accurate?

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Sure he can!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 8/26/99. ( )

You're right - simply skip the step removing the scales. Usually they do not want to remove them if the skin is to be simply tacked out and displayed - BUT - they should seal the scales with a coat of lacquer or other Sealer to prevent them from curling. For belts, wallets and hatbands though, its best to remove the scales because of the stress and flexing they recieve..

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