Submitted by red on 8/19/99. ( )

I am a beginer at this and i am starting with a rabbit. I have it in the pickle and it will be comeing out tomarrow,the cream tan i ordered isnt here will it be o.k. for a wile,if so how long and how should i store it? thanx

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Pickle it some more

This response submitted by joe birchler on 8/19/99. ( )

I would leave it in the pickle till your tan gets there. Just keep an eye on the P.H. and you should be fine for a few more days.

The Pickle is a safe place!

This response submitted by Bruce rittel on 8/19/99. ( )

A pickle is a safe place to keep your skin until your paint-on tan arrives. I don't know which acid you're using - but most will easily keep a skin safe for at least 2 weeks. Keep your skin there until you have the tan and follow your supplier's directions.

Did you Degrease the Rabbit

This response submitted by Mark on 8/20/99. ( )

You may want to degrease the rabbit, if it is greasey
then after you tan it, and it dries, then it will dry and
be hard. Good luck Mark


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