Sewing Tanned Capes

Submitted by Leanna on 8/19/99. ( )

Do you guys sew holes up that have been put in a hide before customer pickup, the hides that come back from the tannery? I've been sewing mine up but was wondering if its a necessary thing????? Thanks!

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This response submitted by frank on 8/19/99. ( )

When somebody brings a hide for tanning ask them what they want? Some hides have way to many holes to even try to fix. So then I give them a price on sewing up a mess of holes they made. Then they say just tan it. But if I made a hole I will sew up my mistakes and charge for theirs.

thanks Frank

This response submitted by Leanna on 8/20/99. ( )

But what if the tannery has made the holes?? I've been sewing them but I'm new to tanneries. Should a good tannery be making holes?? Should I look into a new tannery?!! THanks muchly!

Holy mess

This response submitted by Frank on 8/20/99. ( )

Like they say nobody is perfect but, if your tannery is making as many holes as I can assume that is what your telling me( assume not to say make an A$$ out of you and me ) I would look for another one. And yes I do sew yp the holes they make but there far from to almost none. Sounds like the person doing the shaving is trying to get too close. Hope this helps ya Leanna.

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