Out of the Pickle???

Submitted by Don on 8/30/99. ( )

How long will a cape keep out of the pickle? If I purchase capes that have been in the pickle bath, how long will they keep while being shipped?

Thanks, Don

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Difficult to answer!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 8/30/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

I find this difficult to answer - simply because this scenario has never been asked before! I personally had some Formic Acid pickled opposum and raccoon skins shipped to me once, that arrived in fine shape. They were packaged in plastic - but it was the Fall and temperatures were mild. They were packaged dripping wet and arrived wet, ready to repickle and tan. Not a problem. Actually, I think I could have dried them and kept them that way too - but I didnt, simply because I had a customer waiting. I must admit - I have very little experience with using the pickle as a shipping preservative, and of course, the temperature of the season, may influence how well it stands up.

It can be done

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 9/3/99. ( bigjims@wilkshire.net )

I have kept pickled skins in the freezer for years with no ill effects. I don't know how long a thawed skin would last. You can keep most skins in the pickle for quite a while as long as you keep a eye on the ph, but beware some red mammals can lose color.

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