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Submitted by Dan R on 8/20/99. ( )

Okay lets say that you are a deer hunting fanatic (which I am) and you take a nice buck that you are going to mount. But the problem is that you still have a couple tags left and you plan on hunting for the next few weeks. So what is best: do you just stick the head with cape on in the freezer, or cape it out then freeze, or cape, split eyes, lips, nose, turn ears then salt and resalt. This last option sounds best to me but after the skin is dry do I just keep it out in the garage or is it best to freeze the raw cape? Ive seen this question before and have read many conflicting answers.

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What I do

This response submitted by Frank on 8/20/99. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

What I like to do is the later part, skin, salt,flesh,salt and dry.

Deer ME

This response submitted by George Roof on 8/20/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

You're probably going to see the same spectrum again this time too. With me, freezer space is alway a premium, so putting the whole cape and head in the freezer is out. In that rare instance that I kill a mount worthy buck, I take my measurements and then cape it completely out. I use the short incision and with it, I fold the intact ears and face down the tube of the cape and roll it up. I put it inside a plastic bag and vaccuum the air out and tie the bag. Then I put it inside a paper grocery bag so that I have a bundle weighing about 10 pounds. It is immediately put in the freezer and it stays there until I am ready to "fit it in". Then I flesh, salt, shave and tan my hide. I've kept hides in my freezer for 3 years this way and haven't lost one to freeze drying YET.

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