re tanning

Submitted by Craig on 8/23/99. ( )

could someone tell me if it is possable to retan say useing lutanf skins already tanned with liqua tan as the authorites here in australia wouldnt reconize it as a tan for what reason has got me beat and seized all my skins in quarantee

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This response submitted by John C on 8/23/99. ( )

Did you go thru the pickle with your skin??. Explain that the proccess to them. When I operated a shop OVERSEAS, I had to submit a lot of things to the agency incharge of that country's equal to our E.P.A. suprisingly enough they exepted almost everything once the proccess was explained. Get hold of KNOBLOCHS and get their MSDS sheets and have them write a break down for your goverment. John C

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