Sodium Chloride???

Submitted by John C on 9/3/99. ( )

We all should know by know that salt i.e. sodium chloride will rust everything in the shop.

Is there anything else that will work in its place during tanning that will not rust everything. I was told sodium formate was the answer. True false. Aluminum sulphate is also highly corrosive. I am tired of the rust what can be done to eliminate it?

Or what can be done to nuetralize it?
John C

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Rust wont go away!!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/3/99. ( )

Unfortunately Iron oxidizes and causes rust - and certainly Salt wouldnt be doing its job if it doesnt draw moisture. There is however, one other substitute for Salt that is much better than the others you mentioned. Its Potassium Chloride. It can be used the same way as Salt - but in disposing it its actually good for the soil and makes plants grow. HOWEVER - its more expensive than Salt and for that reason very unpopular. AND - because it acts like Salt it too can cause rust. I'm afraid you cant avoid a rust problem - but you can minimize it by washing down your shaver and other metallic conveniences with a solution of 1 oz. of Baking Soda and Water everytime you use them. It will neutralize the acid.

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by John C on 9/4/99. ( )

I thank you, I will just keep fighting it. jc

One More "Anti-Rust" Tip ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/8/99. ( )

Hey guys,

After washing down all my knives and my Rawhide Fleshing Machine, everything gets wiped down with a coating of WD-40. Although this is done on everything metal, if they sit around long enough, the rust will eventually come back ... then it's back to cleaning and oiling!

For instance, during the summer months, my sharpening steels and most of my knives are not in constant use, if at all. They are stored in a drawer of a Crafstman steel cabinet, and they are STILL attacked by rust. Not heavy rusting, mind you, but enough of a discoloration to bug me!

The question I have for you, Bruce, is: Do you think storing those little packets of silicone with these tools, prevent the moisture from finding its way into the drawers where these tools are stored?

This is something I'm planning on trying to find out if it will work, and I'm just wondering if you ever heard of these things doing the trick. I keep them in my camera bag, and that equipment stays dry, even in humid weather.

Just more food for thought! John B.

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