Bleaching a polar bear hide??

Submitted by Darrell on 9/8/99. ( )

Can anyone give me some detailed information on
different methods of bleaching a polar bear hide.
For example, what chemicals do you use, how do
you use them and do you get them from.

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This response submitted by frank on 9/8/99. ( )

Conntat Knobloch's they now have there site up and running with an on-line catolog.

Fur bleach Soak XL

This response submitted by Mark on 9/8/99. ( )

With the help of the newly developed product called
FUR BLEACH SOAK XL this will aid you very well, Contact me
and I will be glad to help you out with this. Mark

Fur Bleach XL

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 9/9/99. ( )

Darrel, we just finished bleaching a Polar Bear, that had been tanned and dried at another tannery, with the XL fur soak that Knobloch's makes. The bear was so yellow it was almost straw colored, and the fur is now fairly white. It does still have some yellow in the areas that are naturally yellow any way, such as the paws, but for the condition it started in the results were excellent.

The yellow wasn't the tannereies fault, it comes from the salted bear being held so long before tanning, much of it waiting for the permits for import. The grease from the skin soaks through and stains the hair resulting in the yellow, but if you bleach it before tanning it works a whole lot better. Your best bet is to get the bear tanned as quick as possible. Keith

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