Corsican sheep cape question?

Submitted by Charles Short on 9/10/99. ( )

I have a Corsican sheep cape that I am going to attempt to pickle and tan myself. Up to this point I have only worked with small aminals, so this will be my first large project. I would like to know what commercial tanning kit would be the best to use on this type of cape. I want to do the tanning myself even if I am not successful on my first try. I want the satisfaction of atleast knowing how to do it myself. Thanks to everyone for all the help I have been given up to this point.

Charles Short

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Try a EWE-TAN-IT Kit!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/10/99. ( )

Sheep have a lot of Lanolin in their wool normally - it attracts a lot of debris and filth. The problem is to remove the Lanolin along with all the filth and debris with a good degreaser - that will not be absorbed by the wool - but rinses free. In our EWE-TAN-IT Kit (#EW-3000 @ $26.00/Kit) - we include our Wool Degreaser product (WD-608) which was developed specifically to degrease Lanolin from Sheepskins. It rinses away leaving no residual in the wool. Its a good Kit to learn tanning and its geared to tanning Sheepskins. It contains the Wool Degreaser, Saftee Acid for pickling, EZ-100 for tanning a washable Sheepskin, and a Tanning Oil to provide lubrication and softness - plus a full set of step by step instructions. If you are interested - click on my e-mail address above. Good luck.

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