Submitted by Dan R on 9/10/99. ( )

Where can I buy non-iodized fine grain salt in bulk locally. I know I can get it at any of the supply companies but I was just wondering where I could get it at home.

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Feed Store

This response submitted by Doug on 9/10/99. ( )

Hi Dan,
I get 50lb bags from my local Feed dealer(Agway).

Hope this helps

Feed Salt

This response submitted by Dan R on 9/10/99. ( )

Yes I get this salt for livestock but it is not as fine as table salt. Will this feed grade salt work? If not (again) where can I get FINE GRAIN non iodized salt locally in bulk??????

Grocery Stores

This response submitted by Tommy on 9/10/99. ( )

I buy my salt from local grocery stores. You can often find 25 to 50lb bags at most of them. Where do you live?


This response submitted by Mark on 9/10/99. ( )

You can buy fine salt at feed mills. Ask for 50lb fine granulated food grade. Good luck, Mark

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