tumbler specs wanted

Submitted by dave a on 9/11/99. ( www.davejona@together.net )

recently started to build a 6' dia. tumbler &need to know a few specs. what is the ideal r.p.m.? should i use 3 or 4 baffles? and what is the best way to drive it? thanks to anyone with help!

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Tumbler specs.

This response submitted by Mark on 9/11/99. ( fishguy@scc.net )

E-mail Bruce Rittel At rittel@ici.net, He has plans to build a such tumbler. Good Luck, Mark

my tumbler

This response submitted by Pacemakr on 9/12/99. ( jfwagner@hereintown.net )

My tumbler turns 8 turns per minute with a 57 gallon drum with 4 baffles. It's store bought. Good luck building one. Mine cost 600 dollars.

thanks guys

This response submitted by dave a on 9/13/99. ( davejona@together.net )

thanks for the info. i know mr. rittel has the specs . i haven't had to spend more than$ 50.00 on what i have now. being a welder/fabricator is paying off. i have based my drum on the articles that bruce was writing about in breakthroug. i also know his price for a 6' dia. drum is approx.$ 3450.00 . that is why i'm trying to build this thing myself. i'm sure his drumm is great but my budget is really low. this is my first year full time. mr. rittel has been a great source ofinfo. i currently use his products for my tanning needs. thanks again to all who have helped.

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