Tumbler ????

Submitted by Jack Froschauer on 9/13/99. ( )

When tumbling a hide how much sawdust do you use and can you use it more than once. I have a home made tumbler that is about a 30 gallon drum. Any advice would be great thanks.

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Tumbler Mix

This response submitted by George Roof on 9/13/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

I use square cut hardwood sawdust in my tumbler. I usually put about 5 pounds in the 30 gal. drum and add about 1/2 pound of puffed borax. I tumble birds about 20 minutes. When the dust is new, it taks less and when it gets about 3 or 4 ducks through it, it taks a litttle longer. Sure you can use it more than once, but it all depends on how dry your bird is when you toss it in, and how big it was to start with. If you put a goose in, you'll only get one use out of it. If you put a turkey in, you'll probably have to change the mix at least once before it's dry.

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