Have Ostrich hides, Now What?

Submitted by Deborah on 9/15/99. ( plumcrazy@wa.freei.net )

I have four hides that I have salted, scraped, salted trying to get all the fat off. Can't find anyone that tans ostrich in my area. How do you tan ostrich hides? I am a beginner so all help is welcome. Thanks, Deborah

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Surf the net!!!

This response submitted by JohnC on 9/15/99. ( )

I found one two years ago in Texas did a great job. Soory I no longer have a record of them. But salting was not the way the wanted it done. I think you can find them under a search engine. Good luck John C

Try Mid Kan Tan

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/15/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

Mid Kan Tan tans Ostrich skins - but call them and ask first. Their Phone number is (316) 225-4120.

Tanning Ostrich Skins

This response submitted by Geoffory Anderson on 9/24/99. ( )

Try Blue Mountain Fur Dressing in Smoot Wyoming @ 307-886-5414

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