How thin is to thin????

Submitted by Jack on 9/18/99. ( )

When fleshing a cape how thin is to thin. Can you go to thin to the hair roots so the hair could fall out? Do you leave some flesh there for the tanning agents to adhere to??

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Good question?

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 9/18/99. ( )

When I was just a beginner everyone said to thin the hides but never told me how thin. You CAN go to the hair roots and you are correct to say the hair would fall out. When thinning a PICKLED hide take it to just where you can see a slight bluish change in the skin color. It takes practice to know how far to go as a measurement like 1/4 inch does not work. Time of year and primeness make a difference in how thin you can go. Here is what I tell everybody who is just starting. DO NOT go through the labor and time intensive job of home tanning. Send your hides to a reliable tannery and use the time saved to mount your other specimen (fish, birds, etc.) When your hides return they will be thinned, cleaner, and it makes mounting them that much more enjoyable. I wish I would have started out sending my hides out, it is such a relief to know that ALL of your hides are getting done and they will soon ALL be back and ready to go, without any effort by you!!

Why not?

This response submitted by steven link on 9/20/99. ( )

"DO NOT go through the labor and time intensive job of home tanning."

What if that's all I want to do? I want to learn how to tan. For some reason, I don't care about mounting, and all that, I just want to learn how to make nice, clean, smooth, soft looking furs.
Is it impossible for me to ever achieve this without a business? Can I do it at home, how long will it take me to get proficient?

Just wondering,

Steven Link
Tucson, AZ

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