Hair problem!!!!

Submitted by Jack on 9/18/99. ( )

During the tanning process everything seemed fine until when I pulled the bear hide out of the tumbler. I am still fairly new to tanning so this may be commen but hard for me to explain so stick with me. What has happened is a very thin layer of skin closest to the hair has pulled away from the rest of the hide. Only about a 2 inch circle but the hair fell out beacuse the skin is to thin. This was real close to wher the bullet hole was. It was shot in the head in very warm weather skinned then put in the refridgerator for 2-3 days with the skull not caped out. Can bacteria live on the hide while in the refridgerator and be the problem. If so is there any way to tell something like that is going to happen earlier. Any help or idea's would be great thanks in advance.

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same day

This response submitted by carl on 9/18/99. ( )

I find that with warm weather bears, the sooner you get them skinned the better... I tell my clients I want the bear as soon as they shoot it if not before :) warm weather bears begin to spoil when they hit the ground. I would venture a guess that bacteria is the cause for your slippage but thats only a guess ........
Have a great day!

Bacteria Growth

This response submitted by Mark on 9/20/99. ( )

Carl is right Jack,
You will want to skin the bear out all the way soon.
Carnivourus animals will start bacteria growth sooner than
others, because of what they eat, red and other kinds of
meat has more of a tendency to promote the growth of bacteria
even in its blood stream. The speciman can grow bacteria in
your refrigerator just like the food in your house. If the
skin had rolls or folds in it then moisture and humidity
will generate more bacteria. Mark

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