tips on hippos

Submitted by larry jones on 9/19/99. ( )

i have 2 hippo heads that are currently at the tannery need any addvise or tips of problems that i might run into on mounting these heads mainly im wondering about the mouth interor.

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Hippo Tips ...

This response submitted by John Bellucci on 9/20/99. ( )

Hi Larry,

The first thing you will most likely notice on the hippo upon its return from the tannery is, of course, epidermal slippage. It may be minor, or it may be extensive. Either way, be prepared to do some corrective texturing with Apoxie-Clay. Its texture cannot be beat for these types of repairs! It is available from nearly every supplier.

As for the mouth interior, there are quite a nice assortment of mouth inserts out there ... most notably from Precision Mannikins and Jonas Supply.

As for finishing them out ... well you'll need to refer to references for that. There are many books that contain photos of "displaying" hippos. These will be your best bet by far.

Best of luck to you ... John B.

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