Rehydration Info Please..

Submitted by Jim on 9/23/99. ( )

I have tanned a load of hides in Lu-tan FN and while in the draining process I found myself having to go into the hospital for a couple of days and the hides are now very dry (without being oiled) should I just use the typical rehydrating process (1lb. salt to 1gal. water -I think-), or is there a different process that I need to be using, or have I just ruined this load!!???

In need of help!!,

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Two ways

This response submitted by Mark on 9/23/99. ( )

You can rehydrate your skins, you may need some relaxer in
the bath. Then you can drain them and when the moister
content reaches about 20% then heat up your oil then work
it in. Sometimes you can lay out the skins dampen them lightly
then heat up your oil and work it in. Use any oil that your
using now or some Tanning Oil #1 to accomplish a softer skin.

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