Opinion about Dry Dan

Submitted by Mike J. on 9/23/99. ( )

I am bought 5lb Dry Tan from [a supply company] in 1997 and played with it just for hobby. They claim it almost perfect. I have no idea about different processes or methods. I made deer ramp, a gun rack. They are still on the wall. Last weekend I found a piece of fur on the bottom of a box. It's rock hard, but in perfect shape. I tried to pull the hair off, not much. So I am wondering why do go through all these complicated, time and labor consuming processes to get a thing mounted if there is a perfect and simple way. I feel there much be something different between formal processes and the ONE STEP way. Could someone explain this? Thx!

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its just dry food for bugs

This response submitted by john c on 9/23/99. ( )

I havew also in the past used it. I have also replaced all those capes because bugs ate them, they cracked big time nonrepairable cracks. It works for a while but to push it past ten year would be a miricle. I have use another brand on bird with out any problems. If your happy with it keep on using it. John C

More on that..

This response submitted by Jim Tucker on 9/23/99. ( bigjims@wilkshire.net )

It depends on what type of quality you want to have in your work. In your message you say you did "a" deer with it with no problems. Is that all you have done?? When I did my first deer I did it with a liqua-tan type process and I thought I had done a great job. 10+ years later it is not falling apart but the job I did on it leaves alot to be desired. I think you will find that if you would go to a taxidermy competition and view the differences in mount quality and look a tanned cape will win hands down every time. There are some that will say dry preserve is fine but almost all of the great mammal taxidermists I know use tanned hides. They are just better. Put it to ya this way..If you are hunting in the rain do you want a Gore-tex jacket or a plastic garbage bag on. They would both keep you drier than nothing but there is a BIG quality difference.

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