Frozen bears

Submitted by Dave on 9/23/99. ( )

I have recently shot a black bear, skinned it all but
the head. I have wrapped it tightly in two plastic bags,
and sealed tightly and put in the freezer until I decide
what I,m going to do with it. How long can I safely keep
it in the freezer?

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This response submitted by Jim Tuckerb on 9/23/99. ( )

I have kept hides/specimen over 5 years in the freezer. I do not recomend it though. I wouldn't let a bear stay too long as the chance for grease burn is high. If you are waiting till you have the "time" don't, you never will. It shouldn't take you all that long to remove the head and get all the fat off that bear. Split the lips/nose turn the ears and salt it. In the dry salted state it is really much safer. Or you can salt dry it and send it out to a tannery that way it will be getting done instead of freezer burnt.

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