Salting skins??

Submitted by Raul Ovando on 9/29/99. ( )

I have some people asking me about a way of preserving the skins and is as follows:
Cape skin , turn ears , nose etc. as usuall , wash with soap then dipping the skins
on a saturated bath of salt and water (2 gal water to 6 lb. Salt ) for a period of
10 hours or more with thicker skins, drain the skin hang up and as it dries fold it
and store it until the taxidermist picks up the skins.( up to 2 months)
What do you think of this process if compared with the typical way.

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Dont think it will work very well.

This response submitted by John C on 9/30/99. ( )

We all know that spliting, turning an salting, and drying method works. stick with what works. I tried dipping almost like you state here, I had lots of problems. Hides sweated profusley, pink mold grew a vicious rates causing hair slippage. I tried it without washing in soap and still had the problems. Good luck but I would work it out before using clients critters. JOhn C

Dry salt

This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 9/30/99. ( )

What you will really need to do is clean up the skin from
all red meat, fat, and flesh, turn lips ears etc, then you
will need to dry salt the skins. You really need to get all
the moisture out of the skin around the root of the hair.
Once you have salted the skin twice in 48 hrs you can let it
sit and dry the rest of the way, for best results. You may
also at this point enter the skins into the rehydration bath,
if you need the skin sooner. After the skin is rehydrated then
go to a pickle then neutralize (depending on tan) then tan your
skin. This can be elaborated quite a bit more, if you would
like a FREE technical book contact me with your address and
we would be glad to get you some of this info. It will explain
all of this even more, you may also visit our website at and see our catalog online for quicker information.
Mark Daniels

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