caribou tanning

Submitted by dave a. on 9/30/99. ( )

just got my first caribou in. i plan on tanning with ez-100 in auto tanner. anything out of the ordinary i should know? should i use ultra soft before the pickle? any suggestions on achieving the best hide for this head mount? currently salted but not salt dried. thanks

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I would use a tannery

This response submitted by John C on 9/30/99. ( )

Dave I would think it would be fine in the Auto-Tanner, but I think I would use a tannery on this one. I tied it and was not real happy with the results. I think a quality tannery such as Arlingtton Cape, in Arlington, OH would be a far better choice. Keith offers two types of tanning the regular tan and a wet tan. Good luck and keep us posted on what you do and the results. John C

If you do try it!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/30/99. ( )

If you decide to do it yourself - I highly recommend backing off on any heavy shaving! Caribou, Reindeer and Antelope are 3 skins that are extremely thin to begin with. They dont need much shaving - just touch up! Any shaving you do is usually around the facial area. Also be careful around the oil glands - its best to criss-cross cut them to drain and rub salt into them while they dry. Other than that they are not difficult and tan well.

best procedure?

This response submitted by dave a on 9/30/99. ( )

o.k bruce what about the pickle and tan?nothing like good advice from a pro! i wanted to tan and freeze the cape until this spring when my 6' tumbler will be complete. thanks again!

Tan as usual!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/30/99. ( )

The Tanning and Pickling process would be like for any Deerhead. Altho I prefer a combination of a Saftee Acid Pickle and an EZ-100 Tan - your usual method should do. I'm glad you mentioned Drumming - Dont overdo it with Caribou, Reindeer or Antelope! They have heavy hair and a thin skin. Too much drumming can actually push them thru the flesh. Thats why you dont shave them hard! Keep the drumming to a minimum. You should be OK.

caribou tanning

This response submitted by Mark on 9/30/99. ( )

Dear Dave, I tan all my carbou with the ez-100 and never have had a problem with it. I used to send commrecial but you lose alot of the details in the face and stretch. Bruce is right on the light shaving. Good Luck, Mark


This response submitted by dave a. on 10/1/99. ( )

to all who 've helped, john c.,fishguy mark, and mr.Rittel, thank you very much for the info. i only hope someday to return the favor somehow. it is great being able to confide in all of your expertise! keep up the good work!

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