Frozen Head

Submitted by Dan R on 9/30/99. ( )

Two questions. I got a pretty 7 point this last weekend here in TN (bow season) and took it to my meat processor. He caped the hide down to the neck cut it off and froze it at 20 below O. Do i just put the head in double plastic bags and put it back in my freezer until Im ready to cape it out? Two, This deer still has some of it's summer coat and you can just wipe your hand over the cape and it comes off. The winter coat is underneath but not real thick. Do I just take a dog brush and brush out the rest of the summer hair?

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Mr. Freeze

This response submitted by JimTucker on 9/30/99. ( )

I may be out of line here but why does everyone want to freeze capes till they are "ready" to cape them out. Even for a beginner caping a head and turning the eyes, lips and ears is not a major event. It would probably only take a few hrs. at the most. I understand putting a cape in the freezer for a couple of days or even a week but you need to make the time to get this done. Salt the cape then let it dry. It will be much safer in this condition. In the freezer it will freezer burn don't take the chance.

Okay now answer my questions

This response submitted by Dan R on 9/30/99. ( )

Okay now I know to take the deer home and work up the head before I take it to the processor. So can you answer the questions or just fuss on me!

Frozen is fine

This response submitted by Steve Snelgrooes on 9/30/99. ( )

Dan it will be fine in the freezer, Not everyone like Jim tan there deer hides ,I for one don`t it will be fine in the freezer double bag it and get out the air the dry air in a freezer is what freezer burns the hide.if you do tan the cape that is fine to you can thaw it at a later time and flesh later and salt hopethis helps I have at any time from 1-30 deer capes frozen .steve


This response submitted by PaulB on 9/30/99. ( )

I had a customer bring me a deer head that was in the freezer a year. It was double bagged and cut at the end of the neck as you described yours. I didn't cape it out for another 6 months and it turned out fine. No freezer burn, no curled ears. I wouldn't make a habit out of this but I also wouldn't lose sleep over it either.
To answer the second part of your queation,don't brush out the summer hairs that are still attatched. They actually add a nice look to the mount when finished(I think so anyway). Some will fall out because the deer was starting to shed them,but others will stay in place if you don't pull them out with a brush.

good luck,


Me Too!

This response submitted by George Roof on 9/30/99. ( )

I don't see why they job you described won't work. I, too, freeze, my capes green. I do, however, go ahead and remove the skull, but I don't split lips, eyelids, or turn ears. With hunting seasons here, I get 10 to 15 a day for 5 or six days, that "couple of hurs" would kill me and have a lot of capes rotten. I tube my animals. Then I fold the face down inside the tube. I put it inside a 5 mil. plastic bag and stick a vaccuum cleaner nozzle in the bag. This removes excess air and almost vaccuum packs the hide. I tie the bag end in a know and put the hide in a double grocery bag where I mark the job on them. This is stacked in my chest freezer and they routinely stay there 10 to 12 months with no harm at all. If your cape was already frozen, I would think that you're just as safe as if you tried to thaw, flesh and refreeze.
As for the summer hair, don't worry about it. Mount your deer as you normally would. When you finish mounting, take masking tape and stick it to the cape much like you'd remove lint from your suit. It will remove all the fine red hair from the summer coat. Good luck.

George Roof's vacumm

This response submitted by Eddie B. on 9/30/99. ( )

By George, you learn something new every day. I will give the vacuum trick a try on my next capes. Thanks, Eddie

Freeze the cape

This response submitted by Mark on 9/30/99. ( )

I freeze the capes as others do. If you have alot of work and can't get to them for awhile to tan or send out your best option is freezing until you get around to them. Good Luck, Mark


This response submitted by Dan R on 10/1/99. ( )

Hey guys, thanks a bunch, the forum came thru again

Hey Dan

This response submitted by BigD on 10/1/99. ( )

hey Dan, congrats on the deer. Saw your post on TnDeer too. That would
be a good competition mount.

Yea Maybe

This response submitted by Dan R on 10/1/99. ( )

Hey Big D I thought of that to and I may just try it if I dont get the big one that Ive been after for the past three years. He's still there and season is a long way from being over. See ya later

No offense..

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/2/99. ( )

I did not mean any offense with my response. I was just wondering. I do a large amount of work and find that the bad habit of filling the freezer just causes problems. Even during our busiest season (gun season in OH) I still try to get all the capes fleshed and salted rather than frozen. This season lasts only a week and a week of sixteen hour days is not that bad considering it only happens once a year. I have had specimen 5 yrs frozen be fine and some frozen 6 mths brought in ruined, it just depends. Archie Phillips is one of the largest fish taxidermists in the country and he does not have a thing frozen in his shop! If I sounded gruff, I'm not just speaking from MY experience not everyone else's. That's the point of all these opinions isn't it???

earl scheib is........................

This response submitted by Paul on 10/3/99. ( ? )

one of the largest paint shops (auto) in the country. one thing i have noticed about quality and quantity they usually don't go together. so i think i'll continue to use my freezer and not get into the assembley line taxidermy. hec the next thing you know someone will start pushing those awsome (lol) paint schedules in the back of taxidermy today magazine.

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