Liqua Tan

Submitted by Mike on 10/24/99. ( )

After useing Liqua Tan on a hide I mount the head, and let it dry for a couple of weeks, then I have a hard time washing out the tanning liquid off the hair? And secondly how do I get all the salt out of the hair?. I've been hoseing down the hide with water, in the back yard before mounting, but later in the summer months these hides seem to sweat. Any help would be appreciated. THANK YOU

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This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/24/99. ( )

them after Liqua Tanning just before mounting. I just take a five gallon bucket and slosh them around in plain water for about 30 seconds. This seems to eliminate the stickey feeling afterwords. I also dry the fur on my mammals after they are mounted.

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This response submitted by Mark on 10/25/99. ( )

You may also add some Kemal 4 or Relax R to the solution
about 1oz to 5 gallons. You may take some washing oil
before Liqua Tanning and give the hide a quick rinse. Let
the skin dry for a few days before you give it a good rinse.
You can also take a sponge with some warm water and wipe the
hair as well, then groom with Hair Sheen. Mark Daniels

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