Greasy Porcupine

Submitted by Chad Gerlach on 10/26/99. ( )

I have a porcupine I would like to try to mount. The skin is so greasy, is there anything I should do special to tan the skin?

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Degrease before you tan

This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 10/26/99. ( )

You will want to make sure you use a good degreaser on the
skin before you tan it. You can use our Super Solv Degreaser
available at any dealer near you, all you need is to 2 to 3
ounces to each gallon of hot water and dissolve the super solv.
If too greasey you can mix the super solv at a ratio of
50-50 super solv to water and paint it on the flesh and let
sit for 2 hours then place back into solution. Then proceed
with normal proceedures. Mark D Knoblochs

tanning a porcupine

This response submitted by possum bob on 12/4/99. ( )

can you submerge a porcupine hide in a pickle bath without ruining the quills.

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