Buckskin Tanneries?

Submitted by Bob on 10/26/99. ( )

Bruce (or anyone else!), I took your advice and called Sebring Custom Tannery...they offer the service I requested (buckskin tanning an elk hide), but due to their relocation, turn-around time is ONE YEAR. This is obviously too long for my customer to wait, so I need to know who else does this type of tanning. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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This response submitted by George Roof on 10/26/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

Try Quil Ceda in Marysville, WA. (360)659-1333. They may be out of the way for you as they are for me, but they were the only buckskin tannery I could find that assured me that I would get my MARKED hide back. Several others reserved the right to send "equivalent" hides back. Their deer hides are a little thicker than I like them, but they are velvety soft and can be dyed several different colors for garment work.

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This response submitted by Doug M. on 10/26/99. ( dnj@tenforward.com )

I've had good luck with Y.O.S.T. (your own skins tanned). Have been very pleased with the quality and turnaround time. Don't have the contact info right now but can post it later. They advertise in Breakthrough, if that helps.

Buckskin Tanning

This response submitted by Craig Rusin on 10/27/99. ( CRtracker@aol.com )

There is a gentleman in Ohio, goes by the name of Bob Graber, owns and operates Acme Tanning Service, 4400 South County Road 591, New Rigel, Ohio 44853-9738. Telephone 419 595 2610.
He has no minimum order, does all kinds of skins, offers various colors. Elk, cow,moose, and caribou are stained to a med brown. Cost for Elk is 4.75 sq ft measured after completion. Deer and antelope are 21.50 per skin, no matter the size. This guy does good work.
1999-2000 Cut-off dates are Leather: Dec 10,1999-Feb 25,2000
Hair on: no special cut-off date

Try his service and you will wonder why you ever went anywhere else.


This response submitted by Tony on 10/31/99. ( martintandl@centurytel.net )

Moyle Tannery has a turn around time of 8 to 10 weeks...and also an express service of 30.00 for just a few dollars more...hope this helps.

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