Can I do this?

Submitted by Gator on 10/3/99. ( )

I got a deer in late this evening and i am going out of town tommorow night for a week. My question is can i turn the ears, split the lips and nose then toss it in the auto tanner for an hour then freeze it till I get back to finish fleshing it on the wheel, then finish tanning it? Thank you for all your help, I'm still fairly new and this place is a life saver.

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Do you have the time to Auto- Tan it?

This response submitted by John C on 10/3/99. ( )

This is really the question. Do you have the time to run it thru the machine? If you do, by all means split the thing out and run it thru. It will freeze nicely. I would go a head and flesh it out. Last year in Novemeber I did many as the came in the door. samll deer you can get 3-4 in the small machine, big deer only 2. Get it as close to ready to mount as you can. The big IF you have the time. John C

Go right ahead

This response submitted by Steve Rotramel on 10/4/99. ( )

Yes you can proceed as you described without fear of anything amiss happening. If the cape is border line the hour in the tanner will set the hair well and get a good start on the tan. You will find that a cape thaws much faster and you can flesh, shave and finish the tanning when you get the time.

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