Super Safety Solvent for Skulls?

Submitted by John Schwartzlow on 10/27/99. ( )

Can Super Safety Solvent be used to degrease skulls? Mix as usual?


-- John

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Rittel's Super Solvent - Yes!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/27/99. ( )

I think you are referring to our Rittels Super Solvent degreasing agent and YES it is excellent for degreasing skulls. Use it just like degreasing a cape. Presently the New Bedford Whaling Museum here in New England is using it to degrease a skeleton of a 65 foot Blue Whale and they love it! Our Saftee-Acid however, is intended for pickling and not degreasing. I guess the Saftee word had me confused at first. Happy degreasing!

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