Marking the hide

Submitted by Angelo on 10/27/99. ( )

Just wondering when you get some hides to ship out to a tannery
how do you mark them to say for example these five are from taxidermist
ABC and hide 1 belongs to customer A, hide 2 to B etc. If I were tanning them
myself then I could pretty much keep them separated and organized.
I've seen tags that can be attached to the hide from begining to end
but if they fall off then what??. I guess I would like to punch holes in the
skin but how would I make them unique?.
Thank you

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Number Tags and punch holes

This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 10/27/99. ( )

What I would do is get the number tags and place each tag
on each hide. Once you assign a hide a tag then take a small
drill bit and drill punch that number into the hide as well.
That way if you loose the tag the number is punched into
the hide too. Mark Knoblochs

I used this system in AK!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/27/99. ( )

In Alaska and other Tanneries I've worked with we always encouraged the customer to mark his hides with a 3 or 4 cornered tool. Hole punches always seem to get caught and cut out when the skins where shaved whereas the 3 and 4 cornered punch sytem closed back up after it was punched in and remained. Pick an area of the skin where its unlikely your Tannery will use for their punches. For my personal stuff I always punch "my" numbers assigned to the customer in the area of the animals right shoulder. I use this system. I make a row of 5 punches to represent 0 - then I punch in the assigned number above this line - so the number 10231 would read 2 punches, 1 punch, 3 punches, 4 punches, 2 punches. Remember that the bottom row represents 0. I have an illustration in the article I wrote for Breakthrough on "The entire Process is Controlled" Issue 55. Check it out if you have that back issue. Happy punching!.

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