auto tanner success?

Submitted by Jeff Sonner on 10/3/99. ( )

I have been reading these forums for quite a while and see quite a few people using the auto tanner. I am just curious about the results everyone is getting. I have basically used commercial tanned skins exclusivelyand would like to increase my turnaround time. It seems as though a person could get most of their work done before deer season ended. What a bonus. Time to do my own stuff. I am curios about the quality of the tan, stretch, epidermis and color retention, and shrinkage. Also, if the tan is so great and fast, why dont the tanneries use a pressure tan system like this? Any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated, especially any thought Mr. Rittel might have on this subject. I have seen a couple of auto tanners for sale and I really dont want to have to do a $1000 experiment. That will tan quite a few commercial capes. Thanks.

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Good Feedback!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/4/99. ( )

Almost all the Feedback I've recieved from users has been very positive! Most of the Taxidermists using one tell me that they like the idea of turning around their work in less time. I do however, still insist on using Salted dried skins to set the hair, and then relaxing them before tanning. I also use EZ-100 - some prefer the Alum. It can be used both ways. But either way - it tans in 4 hours because of the mechanical action of the Drum. If you already send salted dried skins out to a Tannery - then using the Auto Tanner shouldnt be a problem for you - as far as first setting the hair. If you need a copy of our instructions for using EZ-100 in the Auto Tanner simply E-Mail your mailing address and we'd be glad to send a copy to you. Hopefully - some Auto Tanner Owners will also jump in here and give their opinion too.

Hi Jeff

This response submitted by John C on 10/4/99. ( )

I purchased a AUTO-TANNER over a year ago. I have been more than pleased with the results. I do not leave the skin in for 4 hours. I run about 1 hour plus then flesh the hide, and run another 30-45 minutes. I also dont use oil in the tumbler. I remove drain and final flesh for mounting, the hides keep their color, relax well, without all the effort. I also do not salt the hide, Placing it in the Tanner raw. I have done most of the hide where I worked, almost as they came in. We tanned over 30 capes in one week. The owner mounted them in one month. talk about turn around. Also I have ran some that were on the verge of slipping and saved them. Remeber its not a magical cure. But close to it. I even bioled some hide I lost the test pieces at 135 degrees. So yes it works, works very well. Maybe not as good as tannery leather, but more than good enough for a taxidermist. John C

Definitely Salt Dry the skins!!!

This response submitted by Rusty on 10/6/99. ( )

I would strongly recommend salt drying your capes prior to the tanning process. It seems that the capes that were placed in the tanner raw and then frozen have some slippage slippage. It is minimal but I have lost 3 capes from using this process. I haven't yet attempted using the EZ-100 but it's in my plans for future experimentation. The salting is cheap insurance and doesn't take much more time to accomplish. I would stick with the methods that are time tested and proven.


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