salting a toobed coyote

Submitted by Cody on 10/4/99. ( )

how do you salt a toobed coyote to send to tannery? Do you turn it inside out and salt one side at a time or what? Also, anybody know of a tannery that will except small quantities of pedts around North Dakota? Since in am only it is as a hobby. Thanks for any help Cody

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This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 10/5/99. ( )

What you can do is rub in the salt real good on one side then
lay the salted side down and salt the top and let lay. You can
flip it over and re-salt the underside again later to make sure
that you get moisture out of both sides. The only
other way is to work salt in good and pull it over a 2x6
(may need to modify the 2x6). Then keep working salt in.
Mark Daniels

Thanks Mark

This response submitted by Cody on 10/7/99. ( )

For your help. I know how to do a normal skin but wasn't sure about the tubed. Cody

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