Coyote Prep for tanning

Submitted by Angelo on 10/5/99. ( )

I was wondering when preparing thin skinned animals like
Coyote or Fox , badgers, Etc. Do you need to shave the skin down any?
or is it enough to split eyes, nose, lips, turn ears, clean flesh of all
meat and membrane and then go through the tanning process?.

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Don't shave..

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/5/99. ( )

these species. It is enough to do as you have mentioned. During the pickle it is possible that some areas of the skin would thicken and make it possible for an expert to shave them but I'm no expert. I have never shaved any of these and have had no problems. Just make sure all the fat and meat/membrane is cleaned off.

The badger may need to be thinned

This response submitted by Steve A. on 12/2/99. ( )

Badgers are quite a bit thicker than fox and coyote along the back. I'm
no expert but I have tanned a couple badger that turned out fairly stiff
because they are fairly thick along the back.

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