Lutan F question

Submitted by Dan on 11/5/99. ( )

I'm in the process of tanning a fox hide for a lifesize mount and I happened to glance at the new directions for using Lutan F that came with my recent order and I have a question. After tanning and oiling they recommend air drying, then drumming, then rehydrating before mounting. Isn't it ok to mount after oiling and drumming while the hide is still wet? I've done this in the past and had good results, but because they didn't mention it in the directions I was curious. Thanks for any input. Dan.

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This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 11/6/99. ( )

just make sure the fur is good and clean after drumming so it will fluff easy. You might want to make sure and add some solvent to your tumbling media if you don't already do that. Keith

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