Bruce not exactly...

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Not exactly (in response to your posting for - Oiling Question) I didn't get a chance to oil them, are they ruined? Or is there some way that I can rehydrate them and then oil them and continue on with the finishing process? I don't have any relaxer and really need to finish these hides, IF there not ruined!!

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That being the case!

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OK - then you definately need to rehydrate those skins or they will shrink. The Oil helps them hold their size. Again - try the safe relaxing trick. Soak them in water, and add a handful of salt per each 1 gallon used, for 30 minutes, then place them dripping wet in a plastic garbage bag, tie it off, and refrigerate overnight. The next day - take them from the bag and they should be rewet enough to oil - but they need to be warmed to room temperature before oiling. Otherwise they will not take the oil well. Now oil, fold and sweat the oil in, in a warm area, after 3-4 hours, open the skins and hang them to dry over a beam or clothesline. Use the same rewetting trick when you're ready to mount them later.

Thank You!!

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I appreciate your help in this matter, again thank you!!

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