Greasy bear help Bruce

Submitted by John C on 10/31/99. ( )

Ok, so I have goofed. I harvested this bear two years ago, left it salted for a year (no grease burn) and have now had it in the pickle for a year. (hey its mine and I just did not get around to it) I drained it and shaved it yesterday. (ah the New EAGER BEAVER is SO NICE)

Heres the problem it still seems very, very slick with grease. When should I degrease it? I think it needs to be degreased. Which its the best product to use? Brfore I nuetralize or after? At this time its (along with my 2nd bear and elk cape) back in the pickle at pH 1.8 Formic acid. Plans are for EZ-100 at this time. John C

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Degrease it while its pickled.

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/31/99. ( )

I usually degrease my Bear after they have been shaved. Shaving uncovers a lot of pockets that the acid never hit, and also allows the degreaser you use, to hit the grease you cant shave away. I can also assume its probably in the fur too! Keep the skin in the pickle until you get a Degreaser in. Its safe there. Just stir and watch the ph. I like our Rittels Super Solvent Degreasing Agent (SS-618) its murder on Bear grease. When you get in the degreaser, drain the skins 30 minutes, then soak in the degreasing solution, wash them briefly in a detergent and water bath, and rinse them heavily until the water runs clear. THEN place them back into the pickle overnight. This gives the acid a chance to evenly penetrate everywhere. After that its neutralize and tan.

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