Can I tan using Lutan-F?

Submitted by JB on 10/7/99. ( )

I had previously tanned 2 deer capes using a "pre-tan 110 solution", washing oil, and then liqua-tan. They were put in the freezer 3 months ago, and maybe I'll be happy with them? In the past I've had trouble with the durabiliy of the capes, and the hair set...especially around epidermal of nostrils, and eyes. Can I still pickle and process with Lutan-F these even though they've been tanned using this previous method. I realize the significance now of the "true pickle", but didn't at the time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You Can........But

This response submitted by Keith Daniels on 10/8/99. ( )

you might want to cut your Lutan amount in half for the weight of the skins. If the Liqua Tan did attach properly, it won't wash out, just like other syn tans won't, so if you use Lutan full strength, you might find you overtan and get some undesirable shrinkage. If I was you, I'd just run them through a good pickle, and swab them with liqua Tan again.

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