Beginner question, need help!

Submitted by Stu on 11/1/99. ( )

I'm looking for an easy way to tan hides. I'd like to use the fur for tying flies, so I'm not looking for showroom quality. I tried rubbing salt on the hide, which left the skin rigid, which is not what I'm looking for. What would be an economical way for me to do this? Thanks

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This response submitted by CAROL on 11/1/99. ( CGALLIMORE@MCKENZIESP.COM )

Try the EZ-100 tanning kit. The kit includes everything you need to tan about 20lb of drained weight skins. Available through McKenzie Taxidermy Supply at 1-800-279-7985.

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This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 11/1/99. ( )

We can assist you for your tanning needs, Liqua Tan can make
this process very easy and quick. I do have some questions
though? Do you have to tan the hide to get the hair or is
it to just keep it in storage. If it will be getting wet you
will be wanting to use Chrome Tan or somthing like that.
Let us know if this is just to store and keep until you
need it. I guess I dont understand. Mark

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