The Secret to Shiny Hides?

Submitted by Mike on 11/6/99. ( )

Does anyone know the tanner's secret for getting the nice sheen on hides? I use a pressure tanner, then tumble them. I have tried hardwood sawdust, diatomaceous earth, & mineral spirits (not all at once). If any of these methods is correct, maybe some help with the proper amounts to use would be helpful. Thanks for any info you can give.


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shampoo them!!

This response submitted by Bob on 11/6/99. ( )

I've always shampooed my critters then blow dried them. Prell works wonders.

Hair Sheen

This response submitted by Art on 11/6/99. ( )

Knobloch's sell a liquid called Hair Sheen.
It can be put in the tumbler or put directly on the mount.
I also use it to refurbish old mounts.
Hope I've helped

Armor all..

This response submitted by JimTucker on 11/6/99. ( )

works real well to shine up the coats of mounted mammals. Just make sure to use the gloss finish. I use it to clean all my mounts as wel. A bonus is that it has a UV protectant that keeps the mounts from fading. Just dampen a rag and wipe them with the coat or really get in their a scrub it around on furbearers. Good Luck.

Thank you very much for the help I'll give it try.

This response submitted by mike on 11/7/99. ( )

Thank you for the ifnformation. I also receibed some feed back from bruceRiddle. I'm willing to try and learn new ways.Have a great day.


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