Muriatic acid for pickling

Submitted by Dave in South Carolina on 10/8/99. ( )

I was wondering if muriatic acid could be used in a
pickling solution, instead of some of those more fancy store
bought solutions? Muriatic acid can be bought by the gallon,
(in a 20% solution or so), at Walmart, etc. fairly cheaply,
in the pool supply section.
If so...what would be a good "recipe", for a pickling
solution for me to use on deer hides, etc?

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/8/99. ( )

It's been tried! Unfortunately its a very harsh acid to use for fur or hair-on! Leather tanners sometimes use it in combination with other acids to break down the cartligeous material on the backs of Alligator and Crocidile skins. It softens them so they can be pressed flat. You may also see some bleaching using it too! Myself - I wouldnt use it! Its cheap - but if you're interested in something much milder on your skins and capes - stick to the standard acids.

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