Submitted by Tom K. on 11/1/99. ( dianne98@alltel.net )

I,m in My 2nd year at a very good location and my volume seems to be double from last year. My question for you experts out there..... is .....When my deer heads are too many for me to complete with-in the year,Is it to my advantage to send them off to a commercial tannery? I D.P. my work now and complete 1 sometimes 2 deer a day. I don,t slop them together and do a lot of detail. Will the tanned hides save me time or will I still have to shave them thin for my details? I,m in the Georgia area so advise a good Tannery if thats the way to go.I,ll appeciate any input.. TTHANX, Tom

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We'd be more than happy to do your work

This response submitted by Eric and Joe on 11/1/99. ( )

If you choose to go the tannery route we would be more than happy to do
your work.

East Coast Tannery, Inc.
132 South Third Street
Perkasie, PA 18944


This response submitted by George Roof on 11/1/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

As far as TIME is concerned, you will not save any by using a commercial tannery. You may even take longer because after you flesh, you will have to salt, drain, resalt, and package for shipment. When the hide returns you will have to rehydrate, sweat, and stretch the hide before mounting.
I want go into the tanning versus DP for commercial work, but there is one and only one way to decrease your workload. INCREASE PRICES.
Richard Christoforo said it best when he asked,"Why do taxidermist think it's unethical to make a profit doing their work?" Al Holmes told me one time that taxidermists are stupid to want their freezers always full. He wanted to keep his always EMPTY.
Raise your prices. You'll lose 10% of your customer base and still make MORE MONEY than you did before. You'll also lose the whiners and the piddley work that's eating your time up. Time IS money.


This response submitted by Tom K. on 11/1/99. ( dianne98@alltel.net )

Thats good advice I,ll go that route next year.I do need some tanning done so I,ll give Eric and Joe a call. Thanx for the advice George......,Tom

Depends on the Tannery

This response submitted by Gary & Diana Kies, K & K Tannery on 11/2/99. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

Certainly eliminating some work will eliminate some labor and probably will increase your bottom line. Just makes sense. However, commercial tanneries can allow you to turn out more work in a shorter period of time. Obviously this requires a tannery that will give you excellent turn around time. Obviously you must (prep, flesh and salt). We are aware that many tanneries are 6 months to a year turnaround, whereas there are others who do excellent work and turn around time is 30-60 days. We strive to operate our tannery in this matter. We have an excellent taxidermist who rents from us in house -- wouldn't you love his turn around time. Love to chat with anybody on this topic. In good business, Gary & Diana Kies, K & K Tannery, 3564 Hudson Road, Osseo, MI 49266 (517-523-3196)

When volume increase

This response submitted by John C on 11/3/99. ( )

to such a point maybe its time to raise your prices. Why does it seem that taxidermist are afraid to raise prices. Chances are you will not run any customers away.

Maybe its time to hire some help.

You can get hide wet tanned, they dont have to come back from a tannery hard leather. Wet tan or cape tans are offered by many tanneries.

Just a few things to think about. JC

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