In house tanning

Submitted by David Broyles on 11/2/99. ( )

I will be tanning in house this year and here is going to be my procedure. If anybody knows of a better way, please let me know.
- rough flesh, turn ears, split lips, eyes, nose, and salt
- pickle in safety acid/or pre-tan (Which is better?)
- shave hide
- wash in washing oil
- tan with liqua-tan 4 to 6 days
- rehydrate with cool water plus lysol/or water with kemal-4 (Which is better? Any other alternatives?)
- sweat in fridge overnight/mount
Thanks, David

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Glad to help

This response submitted by Mark on 11/2/99. ( )

David your process looks great, The difference of a acid
pickle or Pre Tan #110 is really up to you. The Pre Tan will
help you plump up the skin to make easier shaving. The other
nice thing about Pre Tan #110 is that you will not need to
neurtralize the skin to Liqua Tan it and eliminate an extra
step, just do a quick rinse then drain and Liqua Tan. If yo9u
want to do an acid pickle Thats fine just neutalize to 4.5
to 5.0 . The Kemal 4 or the Relax R will rehydrate just fine,
I like to use the Relax R 1oz to 5 gal, but the Kemal 4 will
have more cleaning action if thats what you need to do. One
more thing the Pre Tan #110 will also help give you a softer
and more stretch in your skin.

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