Rehydration time limit?

Submitted by steven link on 11/8/99. ( )

Is there a time limit to the rehydration process. I want to get the pelt as soft as possible before I place it in the pickle.

Steven Link

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This response submitted by Mark Daniels on 11/9/99. ( )

On your rehydration time it can take from 2-6 hours, depending
on shape of skin. What I would suggest to you is to use our
Relax R at 1/2 oz to each gallon of solution, this will speed up
your process and give you a little better stretch. This
wetting agent is a very handy tool to have in your solution,
along with salt and a bacteria cide (Basacryl NBKU). The RELAX R
is available at any of our 28 dealers across the U.S and into
Canada. Mark Daniels Knoblochs

Open the fibers manually

This response submitted by pedro Gonzalez on 11/10/99. ( )

I am not expert, i am taxidermist and i have had this problem in the past one thing to do is as Mark said use products to help you open the fibers faster and a bactericide , but some times nothing seems to work and you have to open and thin down some of the skin to help the fibers open up and relax use a fleshing knife ,do this several times and move them constantly on your baths and if after this time the skins are not put them on a new bath with the products and salt ( on the first rehidratation idont use salt to rehidrate it takes longer
to rehidrate) next day open fibers again and hopefully you get a good skin, the animals i have lots of problems are (african buffalo,gemsbok
bison,some times elk but it varies) i hope this helps .

Thanks Everyone! (NT)

This response submitted by steven link on 11/10/99. ( )


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