From salt to pickle . . .

Submitted by Garrett on 11/3/99. ( )

One quick qestion, should I freeze my salt-dried skin or can I leave it out without any problems? The reason I ask is because I am waiting for my pickling and tanning products. I would assume they shoul be here in the next day or two. What would be the best way to store my skins until the products arrive? Thank you for your responses.

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Once salt dried they are fine.

This response submitted by John Schwartzlow on 11/3/99. ( )

Once salt dried, your hides can be stored as long as they are kept dry. I have stored salt dried hides for months prior to pickling.

I never try to freeze a hide that has been salted. Salt deters freezing until a much lower temperature.

-- John

Thank you John

This response submitted by Garrett on 11/3/99. ( )

Thank you John for your response. My main concern was that I would cause the hair to slip or bacteria to increase. You have not had this problem, I take it? Thank you again.

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