Tanning Skins Question

Submitted by Don on 11/3/99. ( )

Do you have to skin heads before you mount them or not?

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Taxidermy Not

This response submitted by Toby on 11/4/99. ( )

With all due respect. If this question needs to be asked you seriously need to consider taking an extensive taxidermy course,and in short a definite yes to your question!!!!!!!!!!!!!

snakeskin hat bands

This response submitted by tammy on 7/29/01. ( tammyb@omnicast.net )

We would like to know how to make a hat band out of rattlesnake skin.
We have a rattlesnake that we killed and would like to make a hat band. It has already been skinned and we need to know if it has to be tanned or if it can be dryed out and then formed with water.

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