Is it nessasary or adventageous to Pickle before Liqu-Tan?

Submitted by Jim R. on 11/10/99. ( equine& )

I read the insructions for Liqu-Tan in the WASCO book, and
it does not mention using a pickle. If I rehydrate a salt
dried deer cape, shave the hide and apply the Liqu-Tan as
directed, will it be as good a tan as if I used a pickle
first? Thanks for any Info
Jim R.

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This response submitted by Scott on 11/11/99. ( )

I would definately use a pickle!!!!
I have used liqua tan alot and always always used a pickle!
They way I did it was
1.flesh lipe ears etc.
4.shave the cape my experience is the pickle swells the hide
5.Apply liqua tan ( put it in the microwave and get it warm then apply it)
Good LUck


This response submitted by Mark on 11/11/99. ( )

Scotts right you can use the acid pickle method, Neutralize the
skin and tan. If you use the salt pickle I would use 3oz of
Pre-tan #110 to each gallon of water. Pre-Tan will help set
hair, plump up the skin, and soften. Good luck Mark

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