When hide meets vaccume cleaner

Submitted by Nicole on 10/11/99. ( )

I sorta found out the hard way about vaccumes and hair. I know
the two shouldn't be mixed, but the vaccume accidently sucked
up one corner of a tanned deer hide of mine. Now there is a big
crease in that corner and an 8 inch strip of uneven hairs.
Did the hairs break or just bend? Can they be laid back in-line?
I have tried brushing the crease, didn't work. Please go easy on
me, I'm really embarassed by this !!

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Vacuum Cleaner Crease

This response submitted by George Roof on 10/11/99. ( georoof@aol.com )

I have to admit a chuckle, but not at you. Anyone whose done this a while will have a dozen horror stories where they screwed up. Before the internet, you suffered unless you just got lucky.
I doubt the vacuum broke the hairs off unless it's pulling more a lot more than most industrial systems. What happened is you pulled the hair so hard that the follicles just bent to the side versus straight up. Try this. Saturate a towel and lay it over the area. Cover the mount with plastic wrap overnight. Remove the wrap and towel the next day and groom the hide with a soft bristle(baby's) bursh. Hope it works. Good Luck.

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