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On the previous post you said not to wash the fox hide after tanning. But I thought after it was tanned it was ok? I may be having a brain lapse but I am confused and was wondering if you can help me out? Is it ok to wash a deer cape with soap after it has been tanned? And if so why not a fox? Thanks for any light on the subject.

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Generally speaking!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/11/99. ( )

Generally speaking - because sometimes I have no idea what you will use to tan with - its not wise to expose a wet just tanned skin to high alkalines BEFORE it has dried and the tanning agent has chemically bonded to the fibers. The bond it makes with the fibers only happens upon drying. AFTER bonding (drying) - washing (using EZ-100) is OK. But with tannages like Alum or Lutan F (N) its not advisable. If you were to wash an Alum skin after just tanning it, in an alkaline wash - you could easily wash out the tan and it would appear as hard spots upon drying. To be on the safe side - simply rinse a skin after tanning using plain water. Dont try using dish detergents, soaps or lysol.

how about washing it before tanning

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How about washing after the pickle and before neutralizing? I do that with good results.

It can be done!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/11/99. ( )

You can do it that way - but you should be careful. A wash is really in the alkaline range (neutralizer) and if you also neutralize, be careful not to prolong its exposure to the high ph. I like to be very consistent - so I wash in the pickle, and put it back in after a rinse. That keeps it short. When I neutralize before tanning - I keep it right at 30 minutes so the neutralizer doesnt begin to soften any tissue. If you prolong the neutralization you may soften the more vulnerable tissue around the eyes, ears and noes areas.

Thanks Bruce

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Thanks Bruce. That clears it up and makes sense. Thanks again

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