tanning long hair mold/ slippage durring rehidration

Submitted by fix the problem on 10/12/99. ( )

Have had great success tanning with Rittel's ez-100
unce I started to dry capes ran into some problems such
1) Noticed mold inside of ears when finally mounted
2)an long hair capes such as northern Canadian deer noticed a slight sour smell, than found small patches of mold under hair where the skin started to slip

never had this problem whan I didn't dry the skins than rehidrating them! I have not used a bacteriacide in pickle, could this be a problem? Is lysol (concentrated) good? Can't have this problem anymore as you know replacing big northern capes cost much money
any advise?

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You forgot to post your name?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/12/99. ( rittel@ici.net )

It would have been nice to know who you are at least - most guys will usually post the name with their question. Actually drying and rehydrating your skins or capes shouldnt make a bit of difference as to mold in the final outcome! Tanneries always demand you salt and dry the skins you send them - and they have to rehydrate too! And a Bacteriacide in the pickle is definately not good! If you are pickling below a 2.0 - the bacteria are dead anyway! Lysol (Ph of 9.0) is a very poor choice for a bacteriacide - it usually drives the ph of your pickle crazy - so I definately wouldnt suggest using it. Especially if you are also using Saftee Acid. The problem doesnt seem to be your rehydration and pickling - it seems to be in the final processing.

Soory Mr Rittel !!!!!!!

This response submitted by Fix the problem?/Ernie on 10/12/99. ( )

First of all, I would like to say I might of made it seem like I was putting down the E-Z tan or some of Mr Rittel"s products. Please,understand this is far from true.
Mr. Rittel's products are state of the art and surely top of the line and if anyone can answer questions regarding Tanning or pickling He is, no doubt !!! , the man to talk to!! I've been using Rittels products for the last 8 yrs with exception of 2 yrs while I was in Florida Learning from a great Wildlife artist and sculptor And one well respected man MR.Larry Quinn Of American Sportsman Taxidermy in Tallahassee, FLA If I miss led anyone on this matter Please forgive me! I DO, AND WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE, TO USE THE FINE PRODUCTS OFFERED BY Rittels !!! I may be doing something wrong or the humidity might play a role in this matter also If anyone has any further advise please reply Thank You!!


This response submitted by Mark on 10/12/99. ( fishguy@scc.net )

Dear Ernie,Was just wondering if it is hot where you live? I work in minnesota and only have problems with tanning in the summer time. Usually a cape in hot, humid weather here the hair will stick up in spots, usually in the pickling process. When you do your fleshing and salting if possible try to do in a cool dry place if possible. I have had the same problems you have with the mold and it was caused by moisture in the ears during the salting and drying process carrying moisture into the rehydration and pickling process. The hair problem was because I put the capes in the barrel and sunk them with 5 gal buckets of water which Mr. Rittel told me was a no no and it was. I have since never had any problems. Leaving your capes salted for extended periods will cause mold. Good Luck, Mark

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