Bruce !! Need help on a Caribou parka

Submitted by Patrick Gossett on 10/13/99. ( )

Bruce I recently aquired a Caribou Parka from Alaska. It is pretty old and in good shape,My problem is though it is shedding pretty bad nonow. Is there anything I can do to stop this. I don't want to use it it is just for decoration but I do want to keep it in as good a shape as possible.
Thanks Patrick

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It's typical!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/14/99. ( )

You're probably seeing the hair snapping off - its typical even for Deerskins to do this with age. You cant stop it - but the process can be slowed by spraying the hair with a Wig treatment spray containing liquid Lanolin. It will lubricate the hair, add flexibility, softness and retard the breaking off or "snapping" effect. We carry such a product as Lanolin Perfection. It also adds a pleasant scent to the skin and a light luster. Again - always tell a customer that this shedding effect is a natural effect with age, and particularly when the customer will be trying to use it as a throw rug or chair backing where it will recieve wear.


This response submitted by Patrick on 10/14/99. ( )

Thanks Bruce for your help....

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