Wild Boar Tanning

Submitted by Sean on 10/13/99. ( frizz@wtconnect.com )

I recently received a wild boar to mount and haven't yet dont one of these. I was wandering about degreasing it. I will send this to a tannery and I wanted to know if I need to degrease it . If so at what stage do I do this.

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This response submitted by G on 10/14/99. ( )


all you need to do if you are going to use a tannery is to scrape all the flesh and fat off, make sure to get the hard plate on the shoulders off completely. Then just salt dry! no need to degrease for a tannery.

good luck!

Just salting is correct

This response submitted by Gary & Diana Kies on 10/14/99. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

And if you don't have a tannery, we would be glad to serve you. We have tanned many wild boars. Email us or give us a call at 517-523-3196.

I know what I've said...

This response submitted by JimTucker on 10/14/99. ( bigjims@wilkshire.net )

before about how much I love tanneries but I have to change my mind a bit. I have found that on boars that I get a better job from just salting the cleanly fleshed skin and then using Rineharts tanning cream. This method really leaves a boar stretchier than the tanneries I have tried. I send out all of my hides except small mammals and boar. If you still want to send it the info from G is sound.


This response submitted by Sean on 10/21/99. ( frizz@wtconnect.com )

Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!

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