problem with Seals

Submitted by mário ferreira on 10/15/99. ( )

I have two seals semi-skined im my freezer.they are very greesy!
I intend to tan them myself because here in portugal we dont have anyone who can handle them well.
any sugestion about how to work?
mário ferreira

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This response submitted by MARK on 10/18/99. ( )

We have some heavy duty degreaseres that can help you out
very well. We can send you a technical book that can help you
out with the degreasing and tanning with LIQUA TAN.
Mark Daniels

Treat them like a fatty Boar!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 10/19/99. ( )

Seals remind me of Wild Boars over here. Except they dont have the shield areas and have an awful lot of fat. They're messy to flesh - but once you have them fleshed clean - treat them a lot like you would a Boar. Salt and dry them, rehydrate, and then pickle. Leave them in the pickle for awhile longer than usual - this will give them a chance to expel some of their soluable fat into it. I would leave them there 6-10 days before removing them and shaving. They are safe in the pickle - so dont worry. After shaving - I would then degrease them, wash briefly, rinse well, and throw them back into the pickle for another 24 hours before neutralizing and tanning. This will evenly acidify the areas where fat may have prevented penetration evenly of the acid. This way you'll get an even tan later. Good luck.

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